Things about React

First thing you must know unlike Angular an Embe react is it is not a framework. Its just a library of javaScript. While working in a company you might always need to work with a framework, react might not help you there. But there are some limitations while working with a whole framework whereas, react will assemble other third party tools to getdesired output, which is in a way very interesting.

React is more flexible to work with rather then frameworks. As all the framework have their own way of doing a thing which might conflict your client’s requirements.



DOM Manipulation


return Home (){
export default Home


<Navbar email={}/>

From the child component you can access email or even pass it to its child component.

return Navbar(props)
{ console.log( }


const [amount,setAmount] = useState(0)

here, the initial amount is 0 whenever , you add a new product setAmount method will update it inside the component.

Pass Data To Parent


If react wasn’t declarative yo would have to create a listener to that button to check each time if payment has been updated. If not then do another task.